Under GDPR regulations we have identified that we handle your personal data under both a contractual basis or a consensual basis. If you make a purchase, or contact us with a query, we will use your data to fulfill the contract of delivering your purchase or responding to your data. We use a variety of third party processors to help us with that. We also have a an email newsletter, for which we use MailChimp to process your data. We will never add you to our newsletter without your explicit consent.


What information do we collect?

When you make a purchase we need certain information from you to fulfill our contract with you: your name, address, email address and phone number.


When you browse our store, we automatically receive your IP address in order to communicate with your browser. This also give us some geographical information we use for Fraud analysis and VATMOSS purposes. Additionally, your browser sends us some information about your OS and browser which allows our website to be displayed correctly on your system.


We download order details from the shop in order to print packing slips and postal labels. Some data is also automatically transferred to our cloud based accounting software for bookkeeping purposes.


Why do we need your address for digital purchases?

Under EU law we have to pay VAT on digital sales based on the customer’s location. Even if you do not live in an EU country we are required to keep evidence of that, so we ask for your address.


Why do we need your phone number?

Most orders will be posted with Poczta Polska, but sometimes large or heavy orders will be sent with a courier, such as UPS or DPD, who require a phone number. Unfortunately we aren’t able to only ask for a phone number for those orders, so we require it for all orders. We will never use your phone number for any other purpose (we hate talking on the phone too!)


What will we do with your email address?

We will only contact you via email if there is a problem with your order. Sometimes we have to update a pattern because of an error, and sometimes your purchase will include a collection of patterns which are released over a period of time. In those cases we use an automated update system which will send you an email. We will never add your email address to our mailing list without your consent.


How can I update or delete my details?

If you create an account when you make a purchase you can login at any time and update your personal information. If you would like your data to be deleted please email We will then delete your data that we have access to. Please note that we will not delete your data until the 180 day window for credit card chargebacks has passed and that some anonymised transaction data does need to be preserved for tax purposes.


When will we disclose your personal data to a third party?

We will only disclose your personal data if we need to do so in order to fulfill your order, e/g. to a courier service, or if required to do so by law.


Payment information

We process payments through Paypal. 

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected. This automatically tracks analytics information and gives us the option of personalising newsletter or social media marketing content so you find out about products you’re likely to be most interested in. We will only use this data to personalise newsletter content with your explicit permission.

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