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What are your favorite short rows?

Do you have any favorite ones?

I must admit that even though I've been creating knitting patterns for over a decade, I almost always use the simple wrap & turn technique, but there are a lot more methods to create them. And you can put them in so many places in a design! Bust darts, sleeve caps, shoulder shaping, you name it! However, if you ask me how cool they can get, I'd immediatelly say "Check out the short-row magic by Woolly Wormhead!"

Woolly, apart from specializing in hat design, has become well-known for their out-of-the-box use of short rows to create colorful shapes in knitted fabric. If you ever saw Woolly's "Elemental" collection, I bet you know what I'm talking about.

Copyright (c) Woolly Wormhead

Woolly says:

"Using short-rows to create colorful patterns in knitting is nothing new, and in recent years they’ve been used by knitwear designers in many popular patterns. Yet it’s never been pinned down, explained and developed as it’s own technique – until now.

Since I published my Elemental collection in 2017, I’ve been developing my approach to short-row colorwork, refining the details and methods, and adapating it’s uses. This book is the first of it’s kind!

Within its 192 pages I talk you through how I’ve developed this technique and teach you how to fully utilize short-row colorwork knitting."

And I must say they taught me a lot too! The book provides the knitters with a lot of information about short rows, grafting, sideways floats so you're not left alone figuring out what to do next. It's a real treat.

Woolly invited me create one of the designs to be featured in their latest book called "Short-row Colorwork" and my job was to create "something in the round". We decided it would be a cowl, a simple one, that will showcase how short rows behave when there's just right side to be worked. And that's how "Wavelength Cowl" was born.

The design is knit in Malabrigo Rios but it can actually be knit in any yarn weight. It's ideal to showcase high contrast yarns, variegated or semisolids, anything that you like. The simple undulating colorwork pattern created by short rows is great to learn and understand how they work, especially in the round where the stitches stack on top of each other.

Copyright (c) Woolly Wormhead

To read more head over here.

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